Friday, 7 July 2017

Photo Journaling Week 8

A photographer and journal creator can spot interesting angles from most unlikely sources.

Like these traditional Crittall steel window frames with unusual twist mechanisms to open and close the high level fanlights. There were so many layers of gloss paint around the hinges that they may never open again.

The main tourist spots are featured on postcards which is why I chose to grab these Italian pictures ... from the wall art in Costa Coffee on the High Street. Caffe Nero have a similar collection in their branch near the bus station, but this can be very noisy and crowded at peak times.

None of this will appear in the journal for this month, which brings me to the end of this series by answering the most common reason why people surrender their journaling resolutions within a few weeks: It is because the have insufficient editorial discipline and try to cram too much in, often more than one narrative can handle.

The answer is several slender and brief journals instead of one obese publication.

My 365 project pocket book has what it says on the cover. I have an A5 version for words and pictures about excursions and holiday themes and a paperback 'copybook' for fountain penned thoughts on family matters, feelings and other stuff.

I hope this series may have given you at least one idea that you can use. There are thousands more floating around the internet, so go exploring.

This Costa branch was excellent when we visited, unlike the Sandwich branch which looked as if the staff had given up even trying. So highlighting the problems of maintaining an established brand when it is weakened by too rapid expansion via franchising.

Maybe that's why Caffe Nero remain our first choice unless there is a queue or a screaming child in evidence.

Now Costa are about to open a large new branch just a few minutes from my home in what used to be Martell Press. Hope they do it right and prosper.