Monday, 3 July 2017

Ramsgate Close Up

June 27 walked from one end of Ramsgate seafront to the other. 

Looked over the balustrade down to Military Road. 

Took a quick snapshot with this cheap old camera acquired for around a tenner on Ebay because it was a 'bit scuffed but works ok'. As usual it was set on Automatic.

 Yesterday I figured I could crop out the date and the van and concentrate on the girls  eating a 'full English' for their lunch.
 Then, flushed with this success, I cropped it again ... still using the free and simple PicMonkey software.
 Wondered if I could crop again and still have acceptable definition?
 And THAT'S when I noticed the 'tablet' and what looks like the inserts from a MidoriStyle Travelers Notebook.

Alas, one more attempt to repeat the trick was a step too far so I couldn't read the label on the cover.

Amazing what you can do with a basic camera and some free  software.